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Derka derka

Uber charger


Makes things easier

We don't have mains electricity to the property and the cost is prohibitive

We're very happy to capture and use solar energy. It's very affordable at the moment in my opinion

Energy storage (batteries) is the expensive component
There are new technologies on the horizon and prices are dropping

However, we can't afford a suitable system so we're attempting to build one


Have been given some old unwanted laptop batteries


Processing the batteries


We got some dirt cheap Bulk A grade mono cells. They were supposed to be damaged cells but so far they look like new
Haven't tested them yet

Started putting Cells into strings to make a couple of modules then it's out into the sun to test them


Traveled down to paradise again on the weekend

We visited the previous owners (lovely people) who shared lots of history, knowledge of the property and cattle tips with us



We brought down our new old motorbike on a friends trailer


Had a really good mix of relaxation and exploration. We walked up our creek for hours and had a picnic. I went for an involuntary swim and destroyed my phone